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Troubleshooting and Help for Carts, Labs, etc

Page history last edited by Jeff Cockrum 7 years ago

These are digital copies of all of the handouts on the carts and in the labs.


Click on the link and then click on the "Download" tab towards the top of the page.


Please let us know if there's something we need to change or add to any of these handouts.


Please let us know if a page is missing from the cart so we can reprint it.


Venue Cart Help  Dell 3150 Laptop Help  Netbook Help  Labs/Library Computers
Cover Sheet for the Sleeve on the Dell Venue Carts.pdf      
Important Reminders for the Dell Venue Carts.pdf      
Answers to FAQs for the Dell Venue Carts.pdf      
Troubleshooting the Dell Venue Carts.pdf      
Students Adding the Library Printer on the Dell Venue Carts.pdf      
One Drive For Students 2014-2015.pdf      



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