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How to Make a Reservation for Computers and Library Spaces

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How to Sign-up for the Library Spaces and Computers, COWs (Netbooks),  and Dell Venues


First, you must have an account in pbworks.com.  If you already have an account, skip down to Part B.



Part A

If you don’t have a pbworks account do the following:


Go to pbworks.com

Click on the  icon that says ‘Get Started.'

Click on the link that says EduHub.

Click on the link that says ‘Basic Edition.’  This version is free.

Begin the sign up process.  

You’ll be asked to create your own space.  You’ll have to make up a name and answer a few questions. 


A wiki page will be created for you.  You don’t have to ever use this page unless you’d like to.  It is just one of the necessary requirements in being able to get to and edit the library wiki.



Part B


Now that you are part of the pbworks family you can access other pbworks pages and can gain rights to work on those pages.

First you must get permission from the page owner.


Go to the library page at        gphslibrary.pbworks.com




Then click on “To join this workspace, request access.”  There should be a blue flag next to it.

You’ll then be prompted to enter your email.  This will send a request to the page owner who will then give you access to the page.


Once they have had time to grant your permission,  navigate to the calendar on the page.


On the library page just click on the edit tab and enter your info into the desired calendar square.  If the date is booked, contact the library and we’ll see if we can come up with any other options for you. Don’t forget to click save.



If you have any questions call the library and we’ll be happy to help you.




Your IMS Team


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