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Information and Training to Make Reservations for Library and Technology 2016-2017 (redirected from Information and Training to Make Reservations for Library and Technology 2015-2016)

Page history last edited by Jeff Cockrum 6 years, 7 months ago

Please complete the following steps in order to make reservations for Library Spaces and Computers, Dell Venue Carts, Dell 3150 Carts, and Netbooks (COWs).


Please see the IMS Team if you have any questions.


1.  Complete and Submit the Responsibility Form-


Note- Details are on the form.


2.  Download and Fill out the Student Check-out Form-

Student Checkout Template for Teachers 2016-17.xlsx

SPED Teachers needing the extra template for Kurzweil testing- scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Note- Details are on the form.  Please add your name to this file when saving (i.e. Jeff Cockrum Student Checkout Template for Teachers 2016-17).  You will email this form to Jeff Cockrum.


3.  TO USE THE DELL VENUES, NEW LAPTOP CARTS, AND NETBOOKS - YOU MUST ATTEND A TRAINING.  We will let you know via email about upcoming training opportunities.  Per Mr. Arendse, even if you attended training last year, you will need to attend this training again.

Note- If you only wish to use Library Space or Library Computers, you will still need to complete the steps on this page if you wish to make your own reservations.  If not, then you may look at the schedule and ask the IMS Team to book dates for you.


4.  Request Access to the GPHSLibrary Wiki- http://gphslibrary.pbworks.com

Click HERE to see instructions for BOTH how to create an account (if you don't already have one) AND how to request access.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE REQUESTING ACCESS TO THE GPHSLIBRARY WIKI AND NOT THE GPHTECHNOLOGY WIKI.

Note- We have cleaned house and removed all users from the GPHSLibrary Wiki.  Everyone will have to request access.  You will only have to do this once.


5.  Once you request access, it will AUTOMATICALLY send Kyla Schooling and Jeff Cockrum an email.  We will have to verify- 1. that you completed your Responsibility Form and 2. that we have a copy of your student rosters.  THEN we will approve you as soon as we can (please be patient).  You will AUTOMATICALLY receive an email once you are approved.  You will then be able to make your reservations.  You will be "editing" the page.  Click HERE for instructions on how to make a reservation.  UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE- ONLY TWO RESERVATIONS PER WEEK FOR TECHNOLOGY CARTS (LIBRARY SPACES ARE OKAY).


We understand that this is a lot at once.  Take it one step at a time.  Most steps only have to be completed once, and we must be able to hold students accountable for these devices.  Most are out of warranty, and we cannot get parts anymore to fix them.  We need our technology to last as long as possible.


If you are unable to-

*monitor devices throughout the period

*check each device, each period and hold students accountable

Then please consider an alternate means of instruction in lieu of reserving and using technology carts. 


Two last things-

1.  If you have a sub, we will not be able to check technology out to them.

2.  If you plan to make a reservation at any time during the school year, please do this now or in advance.  If you wait until the last minute, we may not be able to approve you in time, and you may not be able to reserve the day that you want.


Thanks for your help with this.




Your IMS Team


Student Checkout Template for SPED Teachers 2016-17.xlsx

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